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Residential Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning is our signature! We use only the finest equipment and solutions. We are IICRC Certified - trained to identify and clean carpets.

Area Rug Cleaning

It's essential to keep your area rug clean and free of dirt, stains, and other debris. Area rug cleaning help prevent wear and damage to the rug and make it look nicer.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Learn more about how our carpet cleaning services can help your business stay cleaner and more professional looking for employees and customers.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our heated extraction process uses safe and effective products to renew the looks of your home furnishings. Add new life to your upholstery and furniture. 

Pet Odor Removal

The source of the odor is usually unseen and has to be treated to resolve it. We offer pet odor removal services that will sanitize and deodorize your carpets.

Tile and Grout Cleaning and Sealing

When was the last time you had the tile and grout surfaces in your home cleaned and sealed? These surfaces in your home can easily become dirty.

Dryer Vent Cleaning

Lint is highly flammable and can pose a severe fire hazard when dryer vents are not cleaned regularly and properly. Blocked vents can cause carbon monoxide to back up.

Mattress Cleaning

Mattress cleaning is an integral part of keeping your bedroom clean and free of dust mites. When your mattress becomes dirty or stained, it can be tough to clean effectively and safely.


“Perfect work. Very friendly and professional. Treatment of carpets was superb. After completing the carpets looked practically brand new. I would definitely recommend to bring life back to anyone’s carpets. Would absolutely use again.”
Michael P.

“Charlie came to the house very well prepared for the task at hand. He and Jesse were very friendly and personable. We were more then impressed with the job that they did. I cannot say enough about Charlie. We are more than pleased and will definitely have him out again.”

Laura M.

“Charlie and Terrell did a fantastic job, very prompt, courteous and just all around good people. We will definitely use them in the future.”

Libby A.

A Moreno Valley Carpet Cleaning Company That Values Our Customers!best carpet cleaner moreno valley

At Optimum Cleaning Team, your happiness is the most important factor to us.  Our goal is for you to be 100% satisfied with our brilliant and astonishing carpet cleaning moreno valley. Have you suffered from a “blow-and-go” carpet cleaning where the alleged professional ‘cleaner’ just quickly sprayed a cleaning solution on your carpet, then he did 1 pass with a wand and then he was gone in 30 minutes?  This is not carpet cleaning, this was a bamboozle job!


 8 Step Deep Cleaning Process


At Optimum Cleaning Team, We Employ Our 8 Step Deep Carpet Cleaning Process:

Firstwe will do a pre-inspection walk through with you in order to analyze what type of carpet you have by fiber, pile length, and dirt soil level and create a chemistry that will address this dirty carpet. We also want to know your “hot buttons” and why you called us out here, making special note of your specific areas of concern.

Secondlywe will do a commercial Pre-Vacuuming of your home.  This is vitally important as we will remove 80% of your “Dry Soils” in your carpet prior to cleaning. THIS IS OFTEN OVERLOOKED BY OTHER CLEANING COMPANIES!

Thirdlywe will Pre-Spray ALL of your carpet to begin emulsifying the soils and oils in your carpet.  We want to chemically break down the soil from a chemistry point of view and also we want to allow at least 10 minutes of dwell time for our chemistry to do its job.

Fourthlywe will then agitate our carpet cleaning custom chemistry into ALL of your carpet using our state-of-the-art counter rotating brush machine (CRB).  Think of this like a car wash for each fiber of your carpet.  This successfully aids in penetration of the cleaning product thoroughly into each fiber of your carpet.  You’ll love how it looks too!  By the way, THIS IS ALSO OFTEN OVERLOOKED BY OTHER CLEANING COMPANIES- THEY DON’T TAKE THE TIME TO DO THIS!

FifthlyWe now begin the carpet cleaning moreno valley thorough process with our carpet cleaning equipment. 

SixthlyWe now will rinse and condition your carpet, careful to remove ALL of the residues, dirt, cleaning solutions and other organic and synthetic matter left in your carpet, this leaves your carpet squeaky clean!

Seventh,  After completely cleaning and rinsing your carpet, we will now groom the carpet.  This aids in drying the carpet as well as giving it that professional carpet cleaning look everyone loves.

EighthFinally, if needed, we will aid the drying process of your carpet with air movers in order to “speed dry” your carpet.  We use a low moisture process regardless, however, in many cases we will super-charge the drying process by dropping air movers in rooms while we are cleaning subsequent rooms.  Everyone loves this because the carpet dries quickly, often in a couple hours, depending on the heat and air flow and time of year.

Does your carpet cleaner do all of these 8 steps? Any technician or company worth their salt will do these 8 steps as they are taught by the factories as they are mandated by carpet manufacturers and not deemed suggestions for carpet cleaners like us. That’s why we choose to do only the highest carpet cleaning moreno valley and achieve the absolute highest results that you can get for your carpet.

Have you read our reviews? We are the Most Reviewed Carpet Cleaning company in the Inland Empire and Moreno Valley and are the choice for top companies, like T-mobile, many hotels, and residences who want “Carpet Cleaning Done Right!” So Give us a call at (951) 488-2788, you’ll be glad you did!

Superb Tile and Grout Cleaning & Sealing Moreno Valley Done Right!

Is your bathroom and kitchen tile looking dull and dingy with dirty grout? Optimumtile and grout cleaning moreno valley Cleaning Services is your friendly neighborhood moreno valley tile and grout cleaning specialists that can make you tile and grout sparkle and look new again.

Stop trying to clean this unsightly dirty tile mess just to have the dirt resettle in the grout lines. Say goodbye to useless store-bought chemicals and brushes that do not do a thorough cleaning job. Optimum Cleaning Services employs a multi-step tile cleaning process. Upon arrival at your home, our IICRC certified technician will evaluate the services & tile cleaning moreno valley process best suited for your specific tile and grout cleaning situation, whether porcelain tile or ceramic tile. 

Travertine? No Worries!If it turns out you have travertine, no worries, we do that too.  We are trained to do every type of tile surface cleaning you require.

Our Tile Cleaning Process

First, we use a high alkaline solution to remove the built-up dirt and bacteria that is trapped in the highly porous tile and grout. In the next step we use super-heated, high pressure cleaning solution and agitation with a specialized orbital cleaner to get deep down in the tile and grout. We follow by a rinse and extraction. The highly trained technician will completely reseal the tile and grout protecting you and your family and keep you tile and grout cleaner for a longer period of time.

We advise all of our happy clients that ongoing, regular cleaning is recommended every 12 to 18 months based on your traffic and the number of people in your family, to ensure clean and sanitized tile and grout and give you peace of mind. So Give us a Call for A Free Estimate at (951) 488-2788 Today!

Exquisite Drapery and Curtain Cleaning Moreno Valley- We are Fiber Specialists and Know How To Deal With These Properly! 🙂drapery cleaning moreno valley

Drapery and curtains add a polished look to your home as well as control heat and light. However, based on the fabric qualities these window coverings can also act to trap and retain dust, pollen, cooking residues, animal hair or dander and other impurities in the home. Eventually the accumulation of these impurities and allergens will make the drapes appear dingy and dull. Optimum Cleaning Services is your family owned local drapery cleaning moreno valley service that will have your draperies clean and fresh and looking fabulous in no time.

Specific Cleaning Process For ‘Your’ Drapery Fiber

Regular professional drapery cleaning moreno valley reduces dust mites and other allergens making the home safer and more pleasant for family members with allergies. Before cleaning drapes, our trained technicians will determine the nature of the fabric content, specific weave type and color-fastness of the window coverings. Our technicians have been specifically trained on fiber identification and the specific cleaning process for each type of fiber, such as wool, cotton, linen or even synthetic polyester or nylon. Some of the drapes and/or valances will need to be taken down by our specialists and professionally dry-cleaned or laundered while others types of curtains or drapes and valances can be cleaned in place with our specialized equipment.

Our Drapery Cleaning Process

Our technicians will be able to safely remove the drapes for cleaning and professionally re-install if that is required. Otherwise if they determine that clean-in-place is possible the cleaning will start with thorough vacuum of the draperies and then individualized cleaning processes and agents will be used based on the fiber of the drapes and the amount of dust and debris trapped within the draperies using state-of-the-art professional cleaning equipment. We advise all of our happy clients that ongoing, regular cleaning of the draperies or curtains every other year to limit the build-up of dust and allergens and having the home look and feel fresh and clean. Call us now for our no obligation in home drapery cleaning moreno valley consultation at (951) 488-2788!

Exceptional Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning Moreno Valley- See The ‘Optimum Cleaning Team’ Difference!upholstery cleaning moreno valley

Pet, Kid Friendly upholstery cleaning 😉

Do you need upholstery cleaning moreno valley? Did the kids spill food on the new couch or did Fido decide that his master’s chair is the most comfortable pet bed? Maybe it is just time to remove dust and trapped allergens from the comfy furniture that the family curls up on each evening. The same eco-friendly, certified green cleaning solutions that our technicians employ for carpet cleaning is also perfect for our certified upholstered furniture. Our products are safe for the whole family, including your pets.

Family Visiting? Need Fast Furniture Cleaning? We’ve got you covered!

Do you have family visiting and need furniture cleaning moreno valley? Whatever your cleaning needs are for the furniture and upholstery Optimum Cleaning Services has got you covered. Our technicians routinely clean and sanitize (when needed) all types of upholstery and furniture. We have experience with high-end fabrics such as brushed velvet or silk as well as more traditional cotton, nylon or synthetic blend fabrics for all types of upholstered furniture.

Personal, Custom Consultation For Your Type of Upholstery

Our friendly staff will come to you home ready to help you with your specific upholstery cleaning moreno valley problem and we have the most up-to-date cleaning tools and chemicals to get out the tough stains. We use state-of-the-art cleaning processes which includes super-heated cleaning solutions and extraction techniques to ensure adequate cleaning but also safe for your furniture. We never leave behind any residue or soapy mess that can attract more dirt, just clean, fresh upholstery. We also provide a specialized service to protect & coat your upholstery with a stain blocker to protect your fine furniture. This is particularly helpful on upholstered dining room chairs or couches where frequent snacking is bound to occur. Call us today at (951) 488-2788 to discuss you specific upholstery cleaning moreno valley challenge.

Outstanding Mattress Cleaning Moreno Valley- including stain removalmattress cleaning moreno valley

We do outstanding mattress cleaning moreno valley, most people don’t know that. Do you have unsightly yellowing of your mattress? One of the most overlooked household items for need consistent cleaning is your mattress. You spend several hours every night snuggled in your bed so you should ensure your mattress is clean and fresh. Your mattress might have yellow water marks or other stains that are unsightly or harbor harmful bacteria, regular cleaning will remove these stains and extend the life-span of your mattress which is a significant investment.

Eco Friendly Non-Toxic & Safe Mattress Cleaning Products

Optimum Cleaning Services should be your first choice for professional mattress cleaning moreno valley. We use our eco-friendly, green certified cleaning solutions, super-heated with full extractions to remove dust, dander, mold, dirt or other stains to ensure your health and the health of you loved ones. This is especially important if there is anyone in the family with allergies or asthma. In our process, our mattress cleaning moreno valley specialist arrive at you home ready to do the job with all state-of-the-art equipment and necessary solutions. We will evaluate your specific needs by doing a thorough examination of your mattress and discuss with you the various options for cleaning.

Our Mattress Cleaning Process

In preparation for the cleaning process the mattress is first thoroughly vacuumed. Then our cleaning process can include steam cleaning, encapsulation cleaning treatments to eliminate bacteria and allergens. We can even apply a protectant coating that will help you mattress resist future re-soiling. Le us help you make your mattress fresh and new again. Call us for your in-home appointment, call now at (951) 488-2788.

What is ECO Green Carpet Cleaning?CRI Green Seal of Approval

Are you an allergy sufferer or perhaps have a new baby and you’re concerned about chemicals being breathed in by you or your family?  Well you’ve come to the right place! At Optimum Cleaning Services we offer true “Green Carpet Cleaning” aka “Eco friendly carpet cleaning”.  So, What does Eco or Green carpet cleaning mean?  Well, let’s break it down anatomically, for your peace of mind: In order to be certified ‘Green’ by the Carpet and Rug Institute Green Seal Certification of Approval, the cleaning product must meet the following qualifications:

    1. Non-Toxic, Ethanol & Phosphate free, as well as Non-Irritant Free: One of the main products we use, made by Pro Chem, is called Citrus Pro. This carpet cleaning spot removing product is one of the highest quality safe, organic and non-toxic products made.  It really works on those dirty high traffic lanes in your carpet.  It uses the power of orange citrus solvents, and contains d-Limonene.  This is a very strong and safe solvent for your family.  Of Course, we thoroughly flush ANY product from your carpet, as mentioned in the 8 Step Deep Cleaning Process above.
    2. Bio-Degradable: Green cleaning products may drain to the ocean, which means that they must be completely biodegradable.  Also, protecting our drinking water is the top priority here as well.
    3. VOC Compliance: This means that No ‘Green’ carpet cleaning product can contain ‘Volatile Organic Compounds’. What are these? These are things like ethanol containg products, kerosen etc.  These are toxic and difficult when breathed in, as well as harming to the environment.  California law actually prohibits all Carpet Cleaning Companies from using these chemicals.  These products are not sold in California.
    4. Health Hazard Score ZERO OUT OF 4: we are required to carry SDS sheets for all professional and commercial grade carpet cleaning products complete with a chart demonstrating the health hazard rating. So ‘Green’ products in the diluted form will have a score of 0 out of 4 as well as in concentrated form.

So, we’re ready to protect you and your family by using the right products for your family that are organic, safe, non-toxic and allergen free, certified by the Carpet & Rug Institute’s Green Seal of Approval. If you have any questions about our products used, please do not hesitate to ask us or bring it up, feel free to call us at (951) 488-2788.

Certified, Safe & Thorough Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Moreno Valley- We Protect Your Investmentrug cleaning moreno valley

Do you need Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Moreno Valley? Area rugs are a beautiful enhancement to your home and add beauty and depth to the design. They can be the center of the living area, dining room or bedroom. These rugs are often a significant investment so owners want to be sure to keep them clean in order to enhance the life of these area rugs.

We Are Fiber Specialists- All For Your Protection

You should utilize the services of a professional rug cleaning moreno valley service on a routine basis to keep area rugs looking fresh and bright. Local, family-owned, Optimum Cleaning Services offers all types of cleaning services for your area rugs. Our technicians are fiber identification specialists and will be able to let you know if you rug is a high-end wool or silk rug or more conventional nylon or synthetic blend. Wool and silk rugs will be picked up by our technician and transported to our state-of-the-art rug cleaning facility that will undergo a 8-step cleaning process. The technicians will also deliver the completely cleaned rug to you and re-install in accordance to your specifications.

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process

It is possible that our area rug cleaning moreno valley specialists will be able to clean your rug on site. This will involve a thorough vacuum steps followed by steam cleaning and/or use of other eco-friendly chemical solutions, as needed, for stain removal and a full extraction.  As a separate service we can also clean the pad underneath you rug for specific services (such as pet urine removal).

Protectants For Specific Rug Fibers

You may choose to have a protectant added to your area rug to resist stains and extend the time between professional cleaning services. Whatever your area rug cleaning moreno valley needs are, Optimum Cleaning Service is here to help with our friendly in-home service. Call (951) 488-2788

The Most Experienced Commercial Carpet Cleaning Moreno Valley Co- Read Our Reviews!

Charles optimum cleaning Whether you are a retail business, such as our T-mobile customer, or a hotel or small business, we are your go-to commercial carpet cleaning moreno valley company.  We are the most admired due to our people, process & products that we use- that’s why companies like T-mobile use us, because we get their carpet clean and keep it clean!. We offer fast drying times, minimal interference with customers and maximum cleaning force and superior drying times.  This makes Optimum Cleaning Team Moreno Valley’s Top Commercial Carpet Cleaner! Don’t believe us, read our reviews and watch our videos. 

Quick Drying Times & After Hour Availability

You will notice that we employ a very specific process depending on whether you have olefin, polyester, carpet tiles, commercial loop pile berber or cut pile nylon carpeting. We are IICRC certified in low moisture carpet cleaning moreno valley with quick drying times as well as super stained carpeting from lots of foot traffic.  One of the features that makes us special is that we offer after-hour cleaning in order to maximize your profits with minimal interference from us.  We cater to your schedule. Please see our videos here.

Retail – Industrial – Hotel – Small Offices, We Do It All!

Whether your a dentist office, industrial business, retail business, small office building, hotel etc, we’ve got you covered with the best commercial carpet cleaning moreno valley in all of Inland Empire.  Our carpet cleaning rates are affordable, but it’s the job that we do that gets us coming back to our commercial & industrial clients.  Our clients know that the job will be done right the first time…and at the right price. So, what are you waiting for, give us a call at (951) 488-2788 for a free no obligation on site estimate.  Your business is our business, call us today!

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